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Research Updates

See what our lab is doing! We will use this page to post updates on new findings, conference attendance, new projects, and much more!

We're famous! well.. kind of...

Miriam Miller

Hi Everyone! Long time no update! Sorry about that! 

A lot has happened since our last update. These days, we are operating like a well oiled machine on a routine and less of a crazy "what do we do now?" schedule. We are putting mice on the rig daily, and we have gone through two full rounds of vapor treatment. In the next couple of weeks, our first group of adolescents will be adults (they grow up so fast!) and will be ready for the adult trials of our experiments. 

In other exciting news, Dr. Wills' newest paper is now available online! This paper is from her time at Vanderbilt and is a collaboration of our science friends in both the Winder and Colbran Labs. Congrats to all published in this paper (We see you, Katie)!


Our second rig has arrived and we are still working on putting it together. Little Miriam successfully pieced together the 7-foot frame, allowing her and Dr. Wills to hang all the equipment, defying the laws of gravity (seriously, how do those things work?!).  Special shout out to Bill from Hunt Optics who is always in and out of the lab trying to get all of the pieces we need for the microscope. Thanks Bill!

Hello? Wills Lab Here!

Miriam Miller

Hello and welcome to the Wills Lab blog! We will use this page to update you on everything Wills Lab! A lot has happened in the last two and a half months. We moved into our new space at LSU-HSC in New Orleans, cleaned for what seemed like forever, accepted countless packages, built things, and received our first batch of mice.

Also in that time, our fearless leader Dr. Wills received the young investigator award from The Society for Neuroscience (SFN). As a part of this award, she gave a talk at the SFN annual conference held in Chicago, IL from October 16-18 (the talk was only 10 minutes, not three days, don't worry). The conference was also a great opportunity for Dr. Wills to catch up with all of our friends from the Winder lab. Click here for more details on the SFN conference and Dr. Wills’ time there. 

We are also excited to announce that we are finally actually doing some science (SCIENCE!!!)! Throughout the last couple of weeks, we have been testing out the alcohol vapor chambers and getting the settings right. This time period has been the definition of trial and error, considering some of the mice have experienced higher blood alcohol concentrations than all of the people on Burbon St. together! Seemingly though, we have gotten the settings under control as the mice seem pleasantly intoxicated. We should be able to start putting them on the rig next week.


Talking about the rig (!!!), it’s almost up and running and should be ready for the mice next week.

Talking about next week (!!!), our second rig will be getting here and should be ready for use in no time at all!

A lot is happening right now and we are so excited to keep the momentum going. If you want to know more or if you are interested in working with us, let us know!!!